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Issue Ten and Issue Eight Set

Issue Ten Print | 2020 Wildlife // Double-Vision | Arts Magazine Printed Edition | 100 pages of artwork, photography, and more | Two reversible sides, 2020 Photography and Wildlife // Double-Vision Political and Advent art.

Double-Vision featuring interviews from | Antonio d’Addio (COVER ARTIST), Kathryn Last, Manolo Roman, Davey Barnwell, Holly Watson, Sinead Barrett, Helen Grundy and David Monaghan

2020 Wildlife featuring interviews from | Niamh Smith (COVER ARTIST), Tannan Flanery, Celeste Burdon, Tom Crump, Christopher Clery, Giulia Borsi, Yanninia Marie and Anna Walsh


Issue Eight Print | Portraiture/Reality/Change | Arts Magazine

Printed Edition | over 80 pages of artwork, photography, and more | A journey through Portraiture, Reality and Change | Exploring and focusing on people, the wider world and change in all its forms.

Featuring interviews from | Jc Candanedo (COVER ARTIST), Craig Hubbard, Luna Y Lebron, Tom Herck, Sarah Nance, Stephanie Mei Huang, Christine Beatty, Mana Mehrabian

♻️ Recycled and Untreated paper

210mm x 165mm

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